Hi everyone! How are you? School's done, so I can FINALLY get back to blogging about nails again, yay! I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. So let's see some nails then!

For this fifty-fifty tape mani I used Orly Solid Gold as my basecolor. I rarely wear gold polishes on their own, but I just love to combine them with other colors. The same goes for Solid Gold. The color on its own just looks a bit weird on my skintone. But I do love the matte, shimmery finish. Plus it dries very quickly so it's a perfect tape mani basecolor. :-) After waiting just a few minutes after applying Solid Gold, I put tape strips vertically on one half of my nails. Then I used the turquoise polish Essence Bella on top, removed the strips and that's it! No topcoat afterwards, because I like the contrast of matte and shiny together. What do you think of today's nails?

Delicious Stripes

You probably won't ever see me wear red and pink together when it comes to clothing, I think they clash more often than not, but somehow I think they make a pretty cute pair on nails. In this mani I'm wearing NYC Uptown with red stripes that I freehanded on top with striper polish #36 from brand Janet. Don't these nails look a bit like candy? ^^ I can almost smell a strawberry scent when I look at them... Have a great evening!

Viva La Lightning Bolt

Hello dear readers! I'm still very busy with school, only two more weeks to go! I've still got a lot of things to do, but right now I just want to show you these nails. :-) Yesterday I wore a brandless plain white creme. It took three coats to get opaque and it took forever to dry, but it was totally worth it. Who knew I could like white nails this much! But sadly the polish already chipped after one short day, so today I added these lightning bolt tips with Essence Viva La Green. I hadn't done lightning bolt tips for a long time, I almost forgot how fun they are to make. ^^ Finally I added a bit of glam with OPI Spark The Triomphe. It's so sparkly! 

Exotic Tribal

Hello everyone! The final weeks of school have started and it's been nothing but chaotic! This explains why I've been posting so little lately. The madness still continues for a couple of weeks but after that I hope to blog more often again, I've got plenty of fun stuff planned.

So yes, I should be studying right now, but I just needed a break to show you these nails. :-) Holland has had great summer weather last week and I wore a bright yellow (Make-Up Studio M67) most of it. After two days I had a bit of tipwear, but I just couldn't take the happy yellow off yet. And the tipwear wasn't noticeable anyway because it's a light color, so I decided to keep it on and update it with a tribal pattern in shimmery blue. The striper polish I used for it is Janet #119. I kind of like the final result, very exotic. ^^ Chiquita, anyone?