China Glaze - Gothic Lolita

Hi guys! This China Glaze post is my first one featuring a polish from the Electro Pop collection. Since swatches of the collection can already be widely found on the web, I decided to post each polish seperately with the nail art I made with it. This way I can show you a little extra something besides the polish itself. :) Let's see some purple awesomeness then!

Gothic Lolita, my favorite of the collection, is a slightly dusty, medium purple. The formula of this creme was a tad thick but still I had no problems with the application. I was amazed by the opacity of this polish, it was almost a one-coater but I did two for complete coverage. (It is strange however, how my bottle of Gothic Lolita covers so well while I read others needed three coats.) What makes this polish so special, without a doubt is the subtle blue and pink shimmer. It's not that visible from a 'normal' distance, but it definitely gives everything more depth.

For the nail art I went for my good old black stripes, made with my trusty striper Ink from China Glaze, can't get enough of stripes! ;-) What do you think of it?

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H&M - Navy Cosmos: part 2

Hi everybody! Today I want to show you the blue side of H&M's Navy Cosmos (you can view part 1 here). It has a jelly-like formula that applies very easily, after two coats I had perfectly smooth blue nails. :) The color isn't unique, I have many similar colors in my stash - OPI Dating A Royal to name one, but then again I bought this duo just for the cute bottle. Do you have a weakness for nice packaging as well?

Tutorial: Miffy

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Miffy tutorial. :) This design was dedicated to a friend, but aside from that I've always loved this Dick Bruna character as I grew up with it. So having it on my nails at age 22 doesn't only look cute but also brings up childhood memories. ^^ Miffy isn't too difficult to recreate, all you need is a few basic colors and a little patience. ;-) You can use regular nail polish to draw her, but I prefer acrylic paint in this case, because it's more opaque and doesn't dry too quick so it's easier to work with. Continue reading »

Miffy nails

Hi everybody, for this post I have Miffy nails to show you. :) This mani was made for a dear friend of mine who collects Miffies. (I hope you liked it, sweetie!) The base color is OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui and for the little Miffy on my ringfinger I used acrylic paint. You might've noticed the pixeled picture in the left corner of a new tutorial, which is indeed for this design. :) So you can expect it very soon!

Valentine's Day

Hi everybody, happy Valentine's Day! The boyfriend and I don't really celebrate it, but tonight we're going out for dinner together with some friends which should be really fun. :) But before that I wanted to share a few Valentine manis I made with you. I'd really wanted to post them earlier, but sometimes life just gets in the way. ;-) Let's see some nails then! I decided to keep the colors classic, using mainly red and black.

The first one up is this heart accent nail. I used China Glaze Phat Santa for my regular nails and went for OPI DS Reflection on my ringfinger for a bit of sparkle. Then I drew on the heart shape with a black creme and filled in the background. (I could've just drawn the hearts on top of the black since Reflection is actually quite opaque, but I discovered that after I'd already finished the first, big heart lol.)

Stripes go well with any occasion in my opinion, so Valentine's Day is no exception! :) I freehanded the random stripes with China Glaze Ink, as usual. Simple but I love it! ^^

I already did a lot of cloud manis lately, but I just had to include one in this post because it's so fitting for today and easy to do. :) Here I went for a single cloud layer which is even quicker to make. You can check out the tutorial for this design here.

I get a lot of my ideas by accident, that's why experimenting with nail art is so much fun. ^^ I noticed a heart shape in the cloud tips from the previous mani, so I outlined the shape with white (Essence Stampe Me! White) and drew a heart in it with black again. I find it pretty hard to draw thin lines sometimes, so by starting with the white and going over it with black, leaving a gap of white, it's easier to achieve the thin line I want. Like with the previous manis I used Phat Santa for the red.

In this post I'd also like to include a few older manis to inspire you (also to add some pink in here haha). You can view the complete post of each mani by clicking on the picture or the description.

Laced up

Vampy French

Guestpost for Ivana Thinks Pink

Cartoon hearts. (You can find the tutorial here).

China Glaze Designer Satin and Essence Blair

Nude with hearts

Cute funky French

Thanks for reading and have a great night!

China Glaze - Ingrid

Hi guys! :) This is China Glaze Ingrid from the Vintage Vixen collection. I almost forgot how pretty this one was! I love how the subtle gold shimmer compliments the taupe creme base. Ingrid is one of the few brown polishes I own and it always reminds me of my dentist haha. I was wearing it on an appointment once and he kept saying I had such a dirty color on my nails. I can't blame him, since I used to think of taupes exactly the same way haha. What's your thought on Ingrid? :)

Teeez - Smooth

Hello everyone! For this post I have a special pink polish to show you. I've used this polish before in my guest post for Ivana from Ivana Thinks Pink, but I thought Smooth needed an own post. :)
Now Teeez isn't exactly the best in naming their polishes - several have the same name with a different number which is just confusing, plus those pretties just deserve an own name - but Smooth is kind of fitting! ;-) This baby was so easy to apply and it was denser than I expected, pictured is two thin coats of subtle holo beauty, love it! ^^

Freehand '80s

Hi everybody! This is the nail art I made with H&M's Navy Cosmos as my base color. I was just playing around with my favorite nail art striper China Glaze Ink, looking for an easy freehand design. You all know I can't live without my precious tape when it comes to nail art, but let's face it, using tape can be quite time-consuming! So (easy) freehand designs are a nice alternative every now and then. :-) For this pattern that looks kind of '80s to me, I started drawing the zigzags on each nail. After I'd finished there was still something missing, so I used a dotting tool to fill in the empty spaces with big dots. I thought it turned out pretty cute in the end, but the best part was that the whole job was such a piece of cake. ^^ I used Essence Matt top coat for that ultimate matte finish, but below you can also see the glossy version that I just had to share with you. :) Hope you guys like it!

H&M - Navy Cosmos: part 1

Hi everyone! For this post I have the red part of H&M's Navy Cosmos to show you. Like with H&M Plum it wasn't so much the color that I fell for, but the super sweet bottle! I couldn't resist the red and blue with the polka dots in the middle, even when I actually hate these narrow bottles with a polish on both ends. They're difficult to store, difficult to polish with because of the extra weight at the top, but boy they sure look cute!

The red creme of this polish duo is very vibrant, almost neon-like I'd say. The formula was a little bit goopy, but still manageable, needing two coats to cover. I know it's not the most unique color out there, but I like it nonetheless. It's a lot brighter than I expected it to be and I can't wait to wear it for summer! ^^