New best Friends

Recently I wore this really bright, super pretty neon orangy red, named Essence Beauty on Tour. At the end of a long working day it started to show a bit of tipwear, so I was looking for another color to add on the tips to recycle my mani. I was very surprised to end up with the color combination of red and pink on my nails. It's not a pair that I'm likely to go for, but as I found every other color than pink to be meh that day, I just went for it and I completely fell in love with it! Who would've thought a neon red and berry pink could be best friends?! It's bold and summery and just what I needed to brighten up the dark work outfit I was still wearing. The gorgeous pink is my ultimate go-to pink China Glaze Designer Satin and I used tape to create the diagonal lines.

Pillow Project + black & white Nails

Hi everyone! Dropping by, because it's been waaay to long since I last posted. Not because I don't enjoy doing my nails anymore, but because I've been busy with cleaning out my old bedroom at my parents'. It will be my little brother's room from now on, so on top of cleaning and sorting everything out I also decided to do a complete makeover to make it really his own. Almost all of my old stuff is moved out, the walls have been painted over, the DIY-bed will be put together this weekend, which means all the hard work is finally coming to an end. I also sewed him this pillow cover with his initial that I thought would be fun to share with you. After the cover was done I painted on the capital J with the help of adhesive vinyl and tape. (See, I really can't live without my tape. In nail art and beyond.)

In between all the steps I managed to take some crappy pictures. (I like documenting the process of my projects.)

Anyhow, I'm sure you expected to see some nail art here! Well, there you go! A black and white transition on the nails. To make these I started with white polish on my pinky and ring finger and black polish on the rest of my nails. Then I added a few stripes in the opposite color to each nail, using striper polishes. And that's pretty much it!

Today's post was a little off topic, but I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of my other creative interests. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Inspired by Fashion - Coach Tour Dress from Modcloth

Hi everyone! For today's post I have this fashion inspired mani to show you from the vault. It was inspired by the buttoned collar of this dress from Modcloth. Doesn't it look gorgeous and comfy? (It even has pockets! BIG plus in my opinion.)

The lovely blue polish is Hema #11. I used tape to make the shape of the collar with Blue Bay from WIC by Herôme and then I completed the look by adding two small buttons. Simple as that!

My mani inspiration: the Coach Tour Dress in Blue from Modcloth.

I stumbled upon more great dresses recently that would serve as excellent inspiration for nail art, so you might see more fashion-inspired manis on the blog from now on. :) Thanks for dropping by!

Sci-fi chic Skittle

Hi everyone! Today I have this sci-fi kind of skittle to show you. This mani started with the two semi-nude accent nails that I made using tape and freehanded strokes of polish. After that I went through all my drawers like a crazy person to find polishes that would match the accent nails. The result is an unusual combination of colors, which in hindsight, I'm not sure whether I love or hate. Doesn't matter, I enjoyed the process of doing these nails nonetheless. :)

The polishes I used:
Index finger: China Glaze Tinsel Town on top of China Glaze Westside Warrior
Middle finger: OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ
Thumb and ring finger: Color Club Where's The Soiree and Barry M Cobalt Blue
Pinky: China Glaze Sea Spray


When I don't have a specific design in mind to create on my nails, I like to experiment. Sometimes the result is rubbish and disappointing, and sometimes it looks way better than I could've imagined. Either way, I really enjoy the process of experimenting with nail art. Which is also how I came up with today's nails. The only two conditions I had set for myself this time were that I would use teal as the main color and that I would do freehanded nail art. So that's what I did. I picked China Glaze Custom Kicks for the teal base, the mint green strokes are Orly Ancient Jade and later I added the black lines and red and white dots. The design is totally random, but I'm really happy with how these turned out - certainly when I got a compliment about it from a complete stranger. Woohoo!

Little Strokes of Metal

Hi guys, for this post I have these silver strokes to share with you. I just had to do some art deco linework again. I like how elegant it looks, plus painting those thin lines with a striper brush somehow has a very therapeutic effect on me.

The striper polish I used is Janet #201. It's not very opaque, which causes each line to look different in terms of coverage. But I actually like that, I think it makes the look more dynamic. The smokey purple basecolor is How I Matt Your Mother from Catrice. It dries with a semi-matt, so-called "brushed metal effect", which isn't really visible in the picture, but I just loved the color and the formula is great. That was it for today, thanks for reading! :)

Floral Bits and a Pink tribal Accent

The weather in the Netherlands has been really gloomy lately. So as a person who's very sensitive to the weather - happy with sunshine and very moody on grey days, I desperately needed a bit of summer here. Enter nail polish! I went for a bright tribal accent nail with flower bits on the rest of my nails. The pretty silver is Hema #845, the purply pink is China Glaze Purple Panic and the teal is China Glaze Custom Kicks. I freehanded both the tribal pattern and flowers with a striper polish and dotting tool.

It's still grey outside, but that's okay, I've got my nails done! It's funny, though. This mani actually reminds me of summer, as the two China Glaze polishes were bought on my last summer vacation in Spain. Ahh, good times. Oh, well. Thanks for reading!

Cool toned Color Blocking

Hello everyone and a happy 2016! After the many darker manis from december I really felt like doing something more bright and cheerful this time. So I've made these color blocking nails with tape and four lovely colors. The lighter pink is Essence Hola, Guapa from the limited Arriba collection, the neon purply pink is China Glaze Purple Panic, the turquoise is Age of Aquarius from Color Club and the navy is OPI Russian Navy. Some of these polishes are matt, so I added a layer of topcoat to make everything all shiny. I like how these turned out. ^^