Inspired by Fashion - Coach Tour Dress from Modcloth

Hi everyone! For today's post I have this fashion inspired mani to show you from the vault. It was inspired by the buttoned collar of this dress from Modcloth. Doesn't it look gorgeous and comfy? (It even has pockets! BIG plus in my opinion.)

The lovely blue polish is Hema #11. I used tape to make the shape of the collar with Blue Bay from WIC by Herôme and then I completed the look by adding two small buttons. Simple as that!

My mani inspiration: the Coach Tour Dress in Blue from Modcloth.

I stumbled upon more great dresses recently that would serve as excellent inspiration for nail art, so you might see more fashion-inspired manis on the blog from now on. :) Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Oh wow they are gorgeous! I like how you use inspiration from the dress!

    Meme xx

  2. Such a cool inspiration for nails this dress!

  3. Hello! I have always followed your blog like a lot. You could record video youtube, Instagram photos. I would like to see how you do your nails!!! Congratulations. Kisses. (Excuse my English, I am Brazilian, not speak english) 😄😄😄😙😙😙