A Fresh Version

Hi everybody! First of all: thank you so much for all the amazing comments you guys left on my last post, my abstract '80s mani. I seriously didn't expect so much feedback, thank you! Also I received many requests for a tutorial and I wanted to let you know I'll happily work on it soon. :-)

I liked the '80s mani myself a lot too, plus it's fun to do, so I made another version. Same idea but in fresher colors. :-) The basecolor is the classic China Glaze For Audrey, I love this polish! (It combines so well with different colors.) I used Color Club Almost Famous for the yellow and the sheer blue is Color Club Chelsea Girl. I really like the bright color of Chelsea Girl, but was so disappointed when I found out how sheer it was (4-5 coats for opacity, if you don't use a white base). However, that sheerness has a purpose from now on. :D What do you think of this blue and yellow mani?

Abstract '80s

Hi guys, another tape mani for you today! Oh, how I love stationery tape. It's so perfect for making geometric shapes, which I happen to love too. ;-)

After (re)discovering the layering possibilities of sheer polishes with my recent springy stripes, I used the same technique in this mani. My base color (H&M Polish Me Happy) was applied the day before, so I could immediately place tape strips on top to form the mint green shapes with Orly Ancient Jade. When that had dried I once again used tape to make the pink triangles with Color Club Warhol and I just love how new shapes are formed where Ancient Jade and Warhol overlap. Speaking of Warhol, it's such a great polish for this layering technique. It's sheer, but covers very evenly and the color is so unbelievably bold! (Also take a look at layered Warhol together with its neon friends in this crackle mani.) And that's it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it. :-)

Purples (and a pink)

Sometimes all you need for fun nails is color! Here I used a bunch of untried purples in a semi-gradient/ombre mani. I usually love my purples blue-toned, which is probably why I've never worn the three pinker colors before, but they look pretty cute together in a group. :) The polishes used from my thumb to my pinky:

H&M - Beauty Bandit (I love this name!)
Essence - Passion For Fashion
Essence - Break Through
Essence - Meet Me Now
Essence - Very Berry (Not so berry though!)

Thanks for watching everyone!

Teeez - Outta Control

Teeez Outta Control. This must be my favorite purple, EVER! It's purple, prismatic and the formula and application are excellent. This is two coats over Orly Bonder basecoat and no topcoat, because it's so shiny by itself. Today's already the third day I'm wearing it, I can't get enough of it!
I once showed Outta Control before here in an accent nail mani, but I love it so much that I had to share it one more time. :-) Thanks for stopping by!

Springy stripes

Now that spring is slowly starting to appear, I've noticed I like to wear pastels more often now. This week I'd been wearing China Glaze Lemon Fizz for a few days and when I got tired of it I spiced it up with a colorful tape mani. It wasn't my intention to make stripes though, after I did blue tips with China Glaze For Audrey I wanted to add geometric patterns in coral with Essence Think Pink. However, Think Pink was a lot sheerer than I thought, creating different tones of coral with the polish underneath. (The middle two colors are For Audrey and Lemon Fizz underneath Think Pink.) I was so pleasently surprised by this that I continued playing with this layering effect and ended up with these cheerful stripes. :-) Thanks for reading!

China Glaze - Rain Storm

Hello everyone! Today I've got a swatch from the vault to show you. This is China Glaze Rain Storm, a periwinkle blue shimmer. Aside from the nice color, the subtle aqua glitters and pink shimmer are the things that give this polish a little something special. However, the downside of Rain Storm must be the sheerness, I had to apply four coats to reach opacity, which is really too many for me. But the application was nice and next time I can use it over a periwinkle creme to limit the coats of polish. ;-) What do you think of Rain Storm?

Nude V-gaps

Hello everyone! For this post I've got nude V-gaps to share with you, I made them yesterday when I was going for a "dramatic" look haha. To make the V-gaps I used tape as usual, I cut out triangles with acute angles to make my nails seem a little bit longer. ;-) The polish to go with the design was Essence Fateful Desire, a vampy red jelly/creme. It did need two coats to cover, so I couldn't remove the tape immediately after one coat of polish, which I normally do for nice, crisp lines. But I kept both layers thin so in the end it still turned out neat enough. :) And since I wasn't wearing a basecolor, I could place the tape right away, which made this mani pretty quick to do as well, I like that! :-) What are your thoughts on this mani? Would you give this a try yourself?


Hi everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend. My nails are still quite short, but I'm actually very comfortable with this length. I think they look edgy and also my polish lasts so much longer on these shorter nails! I've been wearing Color Club Where's The Soiree (the black) for three whole days now and there's not a single sign of tipwear. A year ago I wouldn't really have cared about the wearing time, since I changed my nail polish daily back then, but now that life's busy again I certainly don't have the time or energy to do that anymore. Anyway, after three days of black I really needed a change, so I went for a trusty tape mani. :) Nothing too difficult though, basically the design consists of one big and one smaller rectangle. First I used China Glaze Adore, a wonderful light blue metallic, then I made the smaller rectangles with Where's The Soiree again. So a quite simple design that reminds me of little windows when I look at my nails. ^^ Thanks for reading!

Blog birthday!

(That's Kleancolor Blind Date in the background. ^^)

Hi guys! Today my blog is exactly one year old! I can't believe how fast everything went, time sure flies when you're having fun. ^^ Thank you all so much for visiting and sharing your comments, I hope I can do this for a long time. :-)

For this special post I made a blue and gold tape mani. I did have to file down all my nails because I had a deep tear in one nail. And though I don't like my nails this short, I decided to embrace my little nubbins anyway because how can I not share the nail art I made with you! ;-)
The lightblue with shimmer is called Top Of Emotion from a new brand called Anny. I'll have to make an individual post for Top Of Emotion some time, because it's so pretty! I was already wearing it for a day, so I could immediately start placing the tape strips for the zigzag pattern I was initially going for. I already liked the result after one zigzag with Essence Into The Dark, so I included a picture of that as well. :)

But I couldn't stop there haha, so finally I added a hint of gold with H&M Golden Treasure. As you can see, the end result is a bit different than my usual zigzag manis, instead of repeating the zigzag shape with the third polish, I just did a chevron so lots of the darker blue stays visible. :-) I hope you guys like it! And thanks for reading. ^^