About me

My name is Jane and I'm from the Netherlands. I started this blog in 2011, with the aim of sharing my love for nail polish with other fanatics. My love for nail polish kind of started at the age of 6, when my aunt bought me a bottle of pink and holographic glitter polish to stop me from constantly biting my nails. It sure was pretty! From then on I bought and received many other polishes in all the years that followed, but I never managed to quit the nasty biting habit in the long term. This changed one day, when I stumbled upon the amazing nail blogging world around 2010. I admired, read and learned from other people's blogs (Lacquerized and Chloe's Nails being my favorites) and a year later I decided to start my own. I was already painting my nails on a regular basis by then and it seemed like such fun to share this hobby with like-minded people. I was right!

When I'm not busy doing my nails, I like to do other creative things like sewing, drawing and cooking. My favourite food is definitely pasta. I also like to watch Game of Thrones and Sherlock (super excited for the fourth season!) and my favorite mobile game is Threes.

So that was a little bit about me. Hope you enjoy the blog!