Floral Bits and a Pink tribal Accent

The weather in the Netherlands has been really gloomy lately. So as a person who's very sensitive to the weather - happy with sunshine and very moody on grey days, I desperately needed a bit of summer here. Enter nail polish! I went for a bright tribal accent nail with flower bits on the rest of my nails. The pretty silver is Hema #845, the purply pink is China Glaze Purple Panic and the teal is China Glaze Custom Kicks. I freehanded both the tribal pattern and flowers with a striper polish and dotting tool.

It's still grey outside, but that's okay, I've got my nails done! It's funny, though. This mani actually reminds me of summer, as the two China Glaze polishes were bought on my last summer vacation in Spain. Ahh, good times. Oh, well. Thanks for reading!


  1. The weather here has been really gloomy too :( cold and very foggy for the last few days. I love the floral half moons and the tribal accent :) that silver is really pretty too

  2. What!!! You are back? great to see you back at blogging and doing nail art. Hope you are doing great. I loved following your nail art all the time and suddenly it stopped. I hoped you were doing okay. Its awesome to have to you back. Lovely nail design too.


    1. Hi Sony, yes, I'm back :) Thanks for the lovely message! X

  3. This is beautiful! I love the floral half moons.

  4. Your color combination and pattern sense is so so so amazing! I am a fan of yours! <3