OPI - Dim Sum Plum

Aaah... My new favorite pink! I bought OPI Dim Sum Plum just recently and I instantly fell in love with it, the first time I used it. The formula is smooth, it covers so evenly and it's really opaque! Pictured is only one coat, can you believe it?! Application was very nice too, this polish and the wide brush make it so easy to apply neatly, needing only minimal clean-up afterwards. A perfect blue-toned pink creme, magenta if you will. It's bright but not in-your-face bright, great for all seasons and fast drying because of the single coat for opacity, what a miracle. It's so pretty!


  1. Looks very good on you, though I must say pinks are not for me, so I wouldn't wear it. But it's still a nice color :)

  2. oh this is pretty...
    maybe i need it too! :D

  3. So pretty!! I'm trying to figure out if I need this or if I have a dupe because I really want it! lol

  4. Can't wait to see how you bling this out! You know you will!

  5. It's perfect right? <3 Thanks for sharing your comments everybody :)

  6. hey
    can you say me how long this polish lasts ?
    maybe i will buy it too .. but it's much money for me and i don't want a perfect lokking polish that lasts 1-2 days, u know ? ..

    1. It's always hard to tell how long a polish will last, since it depends on many different things like the activities you do with your hands/nails, the basecoat/topcoat you use and the way the polish is applied. Plus I almost never wear a polish longer than two days because I like changing it, so I can't really tell. But if you apply the polish in thin layers on clean, oil-free nails with a basecoat underneath, and protect it with a topcoat it can last at least 2-3 days, but once again it also depends on how you use your nails.