Tutorial: Bubbly champagne glass

Hi everyone! Here's my first New Year's Eve nail art tutorial, just in time for the 31st. In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a simple glass of bubbly champagne. The design is very doable, whether you're experienced or just beginning with nail art. So if you're still looking for a fun and super easy design for the last day of this year, this might just be the one!

Start with a nice dark basecolor. I went for a shimmery blue (China Glaze Dorothy Who? on top of China Glaze First Mate), but I think a black, a dark green or a deep purple would also work well.
Use a white polish to paint a small stroke in the middle of the nail and then add a small stripe to one end with a striper brush. This little corn dog shape is the glass.
Now we're going to pour in some champagne! Use a gold polish and paint a slightly smaller stroke in the white one you just made.
Add a bunch of bubbles with a dotting tool, finish with topcoat and your glass of bubbly champagne is done. Cheers!
Tip: To clean your nail art tools, pour a little bit of nail polish remover in a small dish or the cap of the bottle. Let your tool soak in it for a few seconds and dab it on a cotton pad for a couple of times. Repeat this until it's clean.

Check out the tutorial page for more useful tips. Also I would love to see your attempt on my design, so feel free to leave a link to your creation in the comment section!

The polishes I used in this post are (coincidentally) all from China Glaze, I used Dorothy Who? (on top of First Mate), Snow and Midnight Kiss.