Designer Millenium striped mani

Hi everyone, this look is one of my first tape manis. I used China Glaze's Designer Satin and Millenium. Millenium is one of my favorite polishes, the silver really pops and it covers in one coat, which is perfect for tape manis.

The tape I always use is just regular stationary tape which I cut in thin strips. If you want to do this look yourself but your nails are 'too' small/big, try to cut the tape in thinner/larger strips for the same effect. Also this mani is great for short nails, the vertical stripes create an optical illusion that will make short nails look narrower therefore longer.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ooh, I should definitely try this now that my nails are shorter. I love tape manis but don't have the patience to wait for my topcoat to harden up enough (5 mins, I know, it's not really that long). Not a good excuse since my nail art usually takes longer!