Conservative with a twist

Hi everyone, for today I'd like to show you the beautiful and sophisticated Fifth Avenue from China Glaze. I really like the muted, mauvy kind of pink. But it all depends on the lighting how the color appears, it can change from a light, salmon-like pink to an almost purple-toned mauve.

As you can see, I gave the conservative look something modern by striping my ringfinger. The stripes are made with tape, topped with Gutsy, a gorgeous, unique polish from a brand named Teeez. At first, I thought Gutsy was 'just' a black jelly with silver flakies. But when I took a closer look, I also discoverd a pink and even subtle green shimmer. In direct sunlight it became clear that Gutsy is actually really dark brown colored and not black. I will show you more pictures of Gutsy in a future swatch, because it truly deserves its own post. Have a good night!

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