Colorful checkers

Hello readers, I've been using a lot of dark colors lately, so I really felt like doing something lighter and happier now that spring is about to arrive. So here's a checkered mani, inspired by the talented Erika from Chloe's Nails, with eight different colors on a white base. The white I used is my absolute favorite so far, it's Stamp me! White from Essence. Because it's made for stamping, it's so pigmented! And the fast drying process is a big plus, but that's also why you have to apply it very quickly or you'll end up with brush strokes. But if you can apply it rapidly but neat, you can easily get away with one coat only. I did two.

I love the final result, it's so colorful and great for Easter. But I actually came up with this look accidentally, I'd planned on doing each nail the same, using two or three layering colors, but as I was doing my pinky I realized that I really needed some color. So now you're looking at the solution to that :)

Thank you for your time!

From left to right:
Hema - #81
Essence - Lime Up!
Essence - The World's Coolest
Miss Sporty - #140
Color Club - Uptown Girl
Hema - #82
Rimmel - #058 Lemon Drop
Hema -  no name