Red polkadot + Mickey accent nail

Hello everyone! I was in a cute mood when I did this mani and the polkadot pattern is a great way to achieve cuteness! I used Konad imageplate M79 and China Glaze Millenium on top of a classic red creme from Catrice. (Don't know the name or number, I pealed off the sticker back in the days when I didn't know that could be useful... )

I wasn't aiming for the Minnie Mouse-look doing this mani (maybe more of a pin-up look), that's why I used silver and not white. But how can you not think of her seeing this classic pattern. So I drew a little Mickey(!)-symbol on my ring finger. Now why Mickey are you wondering? Because he's more recognizable :)

Speaking of cute, I've got another cute mani planned for this week, with someone who's a recurring character on this blog...

See ya :)



  1. super cute! my aunt LOVES mickey mouse, i'll have to do this on her nails next time she comes to get her nails done!

  2. Aaaahhhh omg I ♥ this soo much!!!! wow its adorable!! =)

  3. Thank you girls! Cute is exactly what i was looking for, haha ;)

    @rebecca: That's awesome! I can only do my own nails, (and occasionally my BF's mom). Because my friends think my manis are way too over the top for their taste :P So I just odered some colorwheels, yay for more polishing!

  4. LOVE IT!!! That is sooo cute! :) Perfection!

  5. how do you come up with these awesome ideas!...i love this!


  6. Aw this is so cute =)

  7. You know I have a weakness for dots, right? Love!

  8. this is quite perfect for next week.
    it's my last week in school and we have to dress up different each day after a device.
    my first costume is mickey mouse :D
    so. thank you for such a nice design.
    luv it <3