Comparison: Blues

Hi everyone! This comparison is specially made for Ivana, who was wondering how similar OPI's Dating A Royal and Essence's Chuck are. I also included two other blues that were worth comparing. The difference between all four polishes was hard to see in the bottles, but once applied one the nail their true colors became more noticeable. The blues I used from left to right:

China Glaze - First Mate (1 coat)
OPI - Dating A Royal (3 coats)
Essence - Chuck (1 coat)
Diamond Cosmetics - Blue Bell (2 coats)

Formula-wise all of them are decent, with OPI and Essence with the greatest. First Mate's formula is a bit thicker than the others but still manageable. And I love the fact that in can cover in one thicker coat. In the bottle it's harder to see, but once on the nail the difference between the navy blue of First Mate and the royal blue of Dating A Royal is quite clear. The formula of Dating A Royal is bit thin, but really nice to work with. And even though it does require three coats (or 2 thicker ones) for opacity, the great formula, short drying time and nice brush make it a very fine polish! Next is Chuck, which I don't have anything to complain about. The formula is just perfect and I love how pigmented it is. As you can see Dating A Royal  and Chuck are close but definitely not dupes. Chuck is brighter and consists more purple. One that I would call a Chuck-dupe is Blue Bell, which I wasn't that happy about. It applies quite uneven with the first coat and even though a second, thicker coat fixes that and makes everything smooth and opaque, the too flexible brush was a bit of a bummer. So clearly, Chuck's my favorite of the two, plus it's cheaper and I like the bottleshape better, haha.

So I hope this comparison was useful to some of you, and just let me know if there's anything I can change. Good night!

Bonus pic! I added China Glaze Calypso Blue on my thumb, turning this comparison mani into an ombre (of course it would've been better to have a lighter blue on my pinky then...)


  1. Thanks for this one! I like the idea of turning it into an ombre mani!! How do you think Essie Mesmerize might compare in here?

  2. OPI and Essence one are simply dreamy!

  3. oooh ... is it wrong that I want them all :D

  4. Great comparison, I love it! And that's really it, I need to buy Chuck the next time I got to the store! It's too perfect! Oh, I love the ombre mani idea, very elegant solution!

  5. Unintentional ombre, awesome! I love how dusty Blue Bell is.

  6. haha funny it turned into an ombre! I was thinking that before I read that!

  7. Thank you for this comparison. :) My winner is Chuck. ♥ Essence did a really great job with this shade, keep them coming. :)

  8. I loved the shade of essence very nice

  9. Hi! New follower here :)
    I love your blog, your photos are great and your nails are gorgeous!
    Thanks for this comparison, I love blue!