Vote for my (first) franken!

Hi guys! My first franken! I've finally managed to finish a bottle of topcoat so I had an empty bottle to start the long-awaited frankening. I wanted to post my franken sooner but then I discovered the Franken polish contest at More Nail Polish, so I entered! And I couldn't post my entry anywhere yet before it was published on More Nail Polish.

My franken is called Smells Like Teen Spirit, named after the famous song from one of my all-time favorite bands Nirvana, as a tribute. The song isn't my favorite of them but it was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the finished franken. I think the name fits the vibe of the franken well and I really wouldn't be able to come up with any other name for it, this franken was meant to be Smells Like Teen Spirit!
The polish is a blend of many different glitter and shimmer polishes. The result is a blue-toned purple base filled with silver, gold, blue, purple and iridescent glitter/shimmer in different sizes. And it needs three coats to get opaque.

So check out all the 21 amazing frankens that have entered the contest and vote for mine if you really think it deserves to win. The grand prize is a bottle of the rare Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Turquoise Opal!

In the sun

In the shade

And here's the recipe for those who are interested, it's a looong list of 11 polishes, I think I poured in about the same amount of each and I also included a picture of everything I used, 'cause isn't a picture worth a thousand words?

China Glaze - Gold Digger
China Glaze - Strawberry Fields
Orly - Galaxy Girl
OPI - Last Friday Night
H&M - Blue Wave
Essence - Choose Me!
Deborah Milano - #838
Paris Memories - #253
Paris Memories - #254
Diamond Cosmetics - Turquoise Glitter
LA Girl - Overdose


  1. Beautiful! Perfect name too :)

  2. It's such an awesome color! I actually voted for this one (without realising who made it).. I LOVE it =D

  3. This franken is faboulous!! Sooo many glitters <3 Great job ;)

  4. Goed gedaan voor een eerste franken!

  5. Spectacular franken! I love all the glitter in it.

  6. Amazing! And I can't believe how many NP you mixed in. :D
    Btw what camera are you using? Your pics are amazing!

  7. You've got my vote and it was a hard choice. Excellent first franken.

  8. I really like your franken, but I will readily admit that I voted for my own entry. ;) Good luck, though!

  9. Amazing!! I'm totally voting for you franken. So many colors within the polish but it doesn't look busy -its perfect! And on top of that, I love the name, Smells Like Teen Spirit it my favorite Nirvana song.

    I hope you win!

  10. I love Nirvana!! Ack!!! I'd probably do the same thing if I made frankens, just name them after my favorite bands/songs. Yours if gorge!!!
    Ps: My favorite Nirvana song is "Breed"! xx

  11. I really love that!! I love colors :)! Teach me how to franken, I can never get it right it always comes out with some weird consistency :(

  12. WHOA, who would have thought all of those polishes would make THAT!?

    I've always loved Nirvana sooo much and I think the name fits it!

  13. Thanks guys for your awesome comments and for voting. And for all the Nirvana love!!

    @Pinupcherrymakeup: Yes, it's easier than coming up with names myself that are corny anyway, hahah. Love Breed too <3

    @Ivana: Haha, yeah I was just playing around with everything on my desk and thankfully it turned into something pretty! The camera I use is a Canon Ixus 85is. It's not the best but it takes great pictures with the macro setting. But good lighting is a must. So I try only to take pics on bright and sunny days.

    @polishlovestory: Thank you :) And wish I could help you, but I really don't have a secret haha. I just poured in little bits of different gorgeous polishes, lol. So I'm still practicing too :-)

  14. I wish I could buy this! Gutted! Lol well done for winning btw