Citrus inspired mani

Hi guys! I participated in yet another nail art contest :) This is my entry for the Good Enough To Eat contest at Nail Polish Art addiction. My entry had to be food-related and food seemed like a really fun and broad subject to me, but I had such a hard time coming up with something! After a lot of branstorming I finally had citrus fruit in my mind but it took me until the last week before the deadline to translate it to a design on my nails. I simply loved the stylized shape of a sliced citrus so I used that to create a summery, abstract pattern with exotic colors.

Please have a look at all the other creative, delicious entries at Nail Polish Art addiction and vote for your favorite. There are 48 of them, so you don't want to miss that! :)


  1. i voted for you. you're going to steal the winnings from me again i think!!!! hahaha

  2. awesome! Are we going to see a tutorial on this? Love the kiwi as well!

  3. I love this desing! The colours are awesome and work together very well even though that's not the first combination most people would think about, I think. :) Good luck!

  4. I absolutely love your nail art. I also love the colors that you used together, this manicure is so bright and fun. Good luck!

  5. Wooooooooooooooooah! Amazing! :>>

  6. voted you =) as always

    You've got a award awaiting for for you on my blog

    /Hugs xxx

  7. @rebecca: Hahah, we'll see! Luckily you already have the complete Milani set! Thanks for voting :)

    @Kelsey: Dankjewel :D

    @Miss Eblog: Thanks!

    @Une Ruxi à Paris: Thanks so much!!

    @Pixie Polish: Thanks! :)

    @Carrie: I'll definately try to work on it when I find the time! Thank you :)

    @nails by kate vergara: Good luck! I'll check out your blog too!

    @Noora: Thank you! The colour combo is indeed not really something that crosses your mind when you think about citrus. I wanted to make a summery mani and liked those colours, so I decided to use those instead of more realistic ones. Glad you like it :)

    @FOREVER '92: Thanks so much!!

    @Toyomi: Thank you, I was in an exotic mood, haha Thanks!

    @TheDoliouse: Haha, thanks!! :)

    @Sarahlouise1986: Aww, thanks so much! Also for giving me an award! Hugs back :D

  8. Definitely good enough to eat! going to vote for you :)

  9. Haaai~!! I've entered the contest too~XD Your design look so fresh and gives me a lot of energy!! I love it very much:D Good Luck to us~;p

  10. Dit ziet er fris en fruitig uit! Het design heb je helemaal zelf gemaakt zonder behulp van Konad? Knap hoor!!

  11. this mani is sweeeeeet(:
    and wow that aladdin mani, skills.

    please check out my blog

  12. i would love to see a tutorial of this, it's so pretty! :)

  13. Will you please do a tutorial on this design? Its so amazing!