Edgy zigzag

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did. Yesterday I celebrated my boyfriend's birthday together with some friends and this is what I was wearing on my nails. I felt kind of lazy haha, so I just kept the nail art to a few accent nails :) For the zigzag pattern I started with one coat of OPI Big Apple Red. Normally this polish takes two coats to get opaque, but because the VNL would be covered by another two coats of polish later, more than one wasn't necessary. Then I used Color Club Where's The Soiree? on top and for the tips I used Essence Chuck. All in all this mani took a reasonable amount of time to make because Big Apple Red and Where's The Soiree? dried so fast on their own that the only time I used fast drying topcoat was in the end just to smooth out everything. Good night :)


  1. You're so precise. I can't believe how you made those zigzag manis so perfectly. :) Great job! I love it!

  2. I tried doin those zigzags and ended up with a irritating ridge where I pulled the tape off. Any tips on that?

  3. You should make a tutorial on the zigzag! I love this design(:

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to your boyfriend!! I'm glad you had a great weekend. This mani is so cool, you can't go wrong with fun accent nails.

  5. just stop making such good tape manis

  6. Happy B'day to your bf;D This design is super cool!! I can think of so many different colour combos with this design:D

  7. I'm like jennafroggy- I always end up with a frayed edge from pulling it back. Is that a technique or formula problem?

  8. Reminds me of wonder woman nails! I love it! Perfection!

  9. I have to try out the tape mani, yours are always so beautiful! :D

  10. I love it! You make really great and perfect manis :)

  11. @Ivana: Thank you!!

    @jennafroggy and Lianne: Those frayed edges can be cause by different things:

    - The polish already dried too much, so it has started sticking to the tape.

    - The layer of polish is too thick

    - The formula of the polish is too thick or goopy. Some polishes just work better for taping than others.

    So always use opaque polishes for layering over the tape and apply them in thin coats for crisp lines. And don't forget to remove the tape as soon as possible, while the polish is still wet. This means that applying the topcolour and removing the tape strips should happen on one nail at a time.

    But, when you still end up with frayed edges despite of the mentioned tips, here are a few things you can do to solve them:

    1. Push the edges down with your finger while the polish is still tacky.

    2.Use a topcoat! Topcoat will not only smooth the surface but also the frayed edges, making them look crisper.

    So hope this helps and keep practicing!! :-)

    @Anonymous: Working on that... ;-)

    @FOREVER '92: Thank you! :-D

    @rebecca: Hahah, love ya too! :-P

    @Minnie: Thanks! I know exactly what you mean haha

    @Jessie: I get this comparison a lot! I once even received a comment from someone on MUA, saying how she always pictured me in superhero outfits because of the fitting manis, haha :-P And thank you :)

    @Claire: *whistles and pretends not to see it*

    @Sandra: You should haha :-P Thanks so much :)

  12. Hey Jane

    This Edges looks gorgeous, have did you make them?

  13. This looks SO cool! I really like your blog and am glad I discovered you :).

  14. Awesome, as usual. PS I tagged you in a blog award! http://powerfemme.blogspot.com/2011/06/top-10-blog-award.html

  15. @Lily: Thanks! I used tape to create this design and I'm working on a tutorial to show you how I exactly did it, so bear with me, it's coming soon :)

    @Kelsey: Dankje!!

    @Deborah: Thanks a lot! That's sweet :)

    @Krystal: Thanks so much :) And also for tagging me!!