Guest post for Oooh Shinies

Hello everyone, I'm proud to tell you that the lovely and talented Bregje from Oooh Shinies has asked me to make a guest post for her blog, of course I said yes! :) So head over to Oooh Shinies for the complete post or click here.


  1. Two of my favorites, joined as one, if only for a fleeting post. Brings tears of joys to my eye.

  2. @ C.L.M.'s Nail Art Blog: Thanks! :) I made a tutorial for this design which you can find in the tutorial tab above. The tutorial shows a three-coloured version, but you can also use two like I did here.

    @Nailed it: Aaahw, what a sweet comment ^^ Thank you! I just visited your amazing blog by the way! You've got such wonderful ideas and I loved your home-made Yoshi costume :D

  3. Oh wow, this is really good!
    I'm happy that the red is so pretty, because I just bought it myself. :D