Blue and silver lightning bolt

Hi everyone! Today I have another lightning bolt mani to show, because frankly I'm still hooked :) And I hope you guys aren't bored with this design yet, because I've got more of 'em coming up this week... Mwuahahaha... This time I used China Glaze Millenium for the tips and the blue is Diamond Cosmetics' Blue Bell, which is quite similar to Essence's Chuck, so I'll have to do a comparison of those two soon.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. purdy!
    add pink to the tip! hahaha

  2. Very retty :-)
    I tried this mani the other day and my triangle tips came out all wonky lol!!! I'll keep practicing...

  3. Nice! I reminds me of some superhero :D Probably because of the lighting bolts.

  4. Wauw, geweldig! Ziet er echt mooi uit :)

  5. hey there's many shades of silver.. which brand and colour u recommend?

    1. Hi ^^ I actually don't have many silvers, China Glaze Millenium is my favorite but it's kinda hard to get these days. But China Glaze also have silvers in their Christmas collection each year, so maybe you can try one of those. Last year's silver is Icicle, which is a standard silver with a foil finish. It's great if you don't have one like it yet and it should still be available if you search for it online :-)