Rimmel - Fancy Fuchsia

Hi guys! This is a swatch of a new favorite pink I bought recently. Pictured is three coats of Rimmel Fancy Fuchsia. I don't own many Rimmel polishes, but I must say I really like their polishes so far. Although Fancy Fuchsia was a little bit sheer, it applied like butter and the color is wow :) So hooray for this polish! Also I really like the extra wide, flat brush. It could be be too big for some small (toe)nails, but mine aren't that big either and application went fine. Didn't even need clean-up!

What's your favorite pink (at the moment)?


  1. I really love your blog and I can't wait to read more! I hope you can come check out my Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki - F80 Giveaway :D


  2. i love the one rimmel polish i have! the brush isn't fabulous i found but it was decent.

    my favorite pink right now? opi dim sum plum!

  3. Very pretty pink, I actually just bought a neon Sinful Colors Pink -Very practical name. I can't wait to try it (:

  4. Hey! I tagged you for an award on my blog.

  5. @Opal Stevens: Thanks! Also for inviting me to your give-away, though I didn't enter because I'm not such a big make-up fan so that wouldn't be fair to those who really want it ;-)

    @rebecca: Ooh I was thinking about getting Dim Sum Plum, but I probably already have dupe-ish polishes so I can't have it! How many coats do you need for opacity though?

    @FOREVER '92: Haha, very practical indeed :-P Love pink neons :)

    @Une Ruxi à Paris: So kind of you to think of me! Thank you! I also thanked you on your blog, in case you miss this :-)

  6. How beautiful! I wish Rimmel and other nice brands out there were available here in my country!
    Well here where i live, we got a polish called armadilha rosa by risqué ! Not as nice as OPI or Revlon (you can't even compare!)but that's what i'm wearing in the moment!Hello from South America ^^ very nice blog