First Mate funky French

Hi y'all! For this post I made a funky French with pretty First Mate from China Glaze and a silver foil from Claire's. Whenever I see Claire polishes mentioned at international blogs, they always have an own name. But the ones sold in the Netherlands don't, not even a number! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that funky French manis are awesome, they're perfect to cover up tipwear or VNL and a fast way to spice up your current mani, if you're going from work to a party or just because you get bored of a mani quickly. Thanks for reading!

First Mate au naturel


  1. can you show hoe you maked the cow nails? :)

  2. i should have done this when i had the major shrinkage on my hello kitty polish! hahaha.

  3. @susanne: Hi! Thanks for your comment. The cow pattern is quite simple to make. First I applied the white polish (Essence Stamp Me! White), after it had dried I used a nail art brush (from Born Pretty) to draw the contours of the black spots and filled them in. Waited for it to dry, applied topcoat and that's basically it! :)

    @rebecca: Yes! Hahah. And loved that polish!

    @Carola: Een fijn lakje inderdaad! En zo tijdloos :)

    @FOREVER '92: From the Anchors Away collection :) Love classic colours like this one!

    @Kelsey: Dankjewel! Daar ga ik meestal wel voor :)

    @carneriva: Thank you! :)

  4. Love it! Such a huge tip fan! But I think Ive said that on another of your posts lol