Essence - Chuck & Blair

For today's post Chuck and Blair from Essence's Nail Art Twins. I have a lot of pics to share with you, so read and see more after the jump!

Hi everyone, I proudly present you... Chuck. Chuck is one half of the Essence Nail Art Twins Chuck and Blair, named after the characters from Gossip Girl.

Chuck is a real blurple, meaning I can't tell if it's a blue or a purple. I think it's pretty much a dark lavender color, which sometimes can look blue-ish. Whatever the color is, it's really pretty and applies like a dream. The polish is well-pigmented and the formula is great, just two coats were needed for full opacity. Though one thicker one will do as well.

And luckily there was one bottle of Blair left in the store, ready to be bought by me! Blair is a mixture of medium and large sized grey hexagons and small holo glitters in a clear base. The glitters don't really give a dense cover, so I applied two coats of it over Chuck. 

All glitters deserve to be mattified...

I think Essence came up with a really nice layering combo with these two polishes, me likey! And it's the only Nail Art Twin so far with a glitter that isn't the same color as the base color. Do you like this couple too?


  1. i like it!
    i have some friends who are obsessed with gossip girl who would love to have polishes named after them. hahaha.

  2. Omg I need those two! They don't sell Chuck & Blair here, but when I go to Germany I'll definitely buy them. Thanks for your great swatches!

  3. i love it, great combo :-D
    chuck looks like royal blue on these pictures

  4. Essence is impressing me as a brand - this is awesome!

  5. The colour is beautiful!! I love blurple:) very much:D Matte looking finish is awesome!

  6. Ooooh *Smacks forehead* I didn't even realize they came in actual pairs. I just grabbed what was left during the 50% sale and ended up with Themla, Chuck and Julia. Now I need to go see what actually belongs with Thelma and Julia! Omg I need Romeo and Louise! I hope they still make them. Thelma and Louise isn't on the Essence website :/

  7. reply: Thank you so much! I love your blog too, i actually recommended it on my blog not long ago :)
    I have thought about writing a summary on each blog post, but i havent done it yet. Maybe i should :)
    I havent seen the nailpolish online, sorry :/

  8. @rebecca: Ooh, they definately need it if they're fans! And not even just because of the names... They're too pretty (and cheap :-P) to not buy, haha

    @TheNailAddict: Ooh, still want to go to Germany! They have so many nice and affortable brands there! Good luck finding a nice haul!

    @nail crazy: It does look like royal blue sometimes, depending on the light! Maybe it's a blue after all, but definately with a tad of purple!

    @carneriva: Thank you! I just can't leave glitters unmattified lately, so pretty :) Like they're frozen in time.. Deep :-P

    @Toyomi: Thank you!!

    @GothamPolish: Essence really is awesome. I'm very happy it's available here, since there aren't many unique brands available here in Holland. Hooray Essence!

    @Minnie: Thank you :-D

    @Breigh: Hahah, yes they are ;-) The 50% off was good! Really took advantage of that :-P And Thelma & Louise aren't on the site, probably because they're from the old collection twins.

    @Nail it: Thanks for your reply :) Yes, I saw you recommended my blog! Thanks so much for that, I reached many Norwegian readers because of that post :-) Too bad Lumene isn't available online, 'cause it's so gorgeous!

  9. gostaria de comprar esses esmaltes mas moro no brasil
    como eu faço meu e-mail..

  10. I know this is a old post but after seen this pictures I just know that I need to move to the US so that I can get Polishes in this lovely colors! (:

    1. Now that you mention it, I should move too! I live in The Netherlands, haha. ;-) But they sure have a lot more nail polish brands over there!