Designer Satin meets Adore

Hey everybody! Once again a tape mani :) I'm still incredibly hooked on the tape method, as you might notice, but always eager to come up with new designs.

This mani again is a very simple one. I like simple :) It's an asterisk consisting of three overlapping tape strips. On each nail, I made the center of the asterisk on a different spot. Not only does that make the design a bit more dynamic, but also you don't have to be so precise in placing the tape strips. Basically you can just throw 'em on the nail and as long as the strips cross each other at the same point, you're cool.

The polishes I used are Designer Satin and Adore, both from China Glaze. Adore is a new purchase, I really wanted a new metallic that was different than the usual gold and silver ones, because since I started on tape manis I've been using metallics a lot. Metallics are very suitable for tape manis, for both base- and top color because of their great opacity and drying time.
And that was it! Thanks for reading.