Checkers with Untamed Luxery

Hey everyone! The other day I was wearing oh-so-pretty Untamed Luxery. Though it still looked perfect, my fingers were already itching to change my mani the next day, (what can I say, I'm an NP-addict...), but not before I'd played with it. So I made an Erika inspired checkered mani, which I haven't done a long time, using China Glaze Millenium. And I must say I like the combo :) My boyfriend, however, keeps saying this look is way too Middle Ages, that the checkers make it look like a knight's shield... Thanks, dude! Oh, what does he know about nailpolish?! But man, Middle Ages would be SO jealous of my glittery shields! Mwuahaha...


  1. Haha your so right....they would be quite jealous! =P
    Lol amazing always! =) I think I should try out the checkers one day but i'm not sure if they'l look good on my sometimes oval sometimes squoval nails lol!

  2. Ugh Untamed Luxury is ridiculously gorgeous on your nails!

  3. Thank you Sara and Pinupcherrymakeup!