Essie - Coat Azure

Hi lovey readers, today I have a beautiful color to show you: Essie Coat Azure from this year's spring collection. Coat Azure is a slightly muted - but still fresh - medium blue which makes me want to go to the beach, RIGHT NOW! It has this subtle but noticeable shimmer that turns this polish into something very special. I'm a huge creme- and blue-lover so I'm really happy to have this polish joining my collection. The formula was really good, I only needed two, thin coats for opacity and the drying time was pretty okay too, so I'm sold! What are your thoughts on this blue beauty?

Shim, shimmery, shim shimmery, shim shim sher-ee!


  1. you make me want this. bad.
    i think i don't have enough blue.

  2. @rebecca: You totally should get it! It's so pwetty! And you never have enough blues... :-P

  3. it's really really pretty! and I love blue polish! and I was thinking about getting this! but noooo, I don't think I need it! :)

    And thanks for you comment on my blog and your compliment! <3

  4. lovely :) this polish makes me think about summer :D