Color Club - Raspberry Rush

Hi everyone! Today's post is about Color Club's Raspberry Rush, from this year's Wicked Sweet summer-collection, it's the only one from the collection I bought. Raspberry Rush is a scented, intense, blue-based pink neon. The pink is much more intense in real life, but my camera just wouldn't capture it, which is often the case with neons. As the name implies, Raspberry Rush is raspberry-scented, but I'm not sure if you'd recognize it if you didn't know the name. All I know is it smells sweet! Even after a layer of topcoat. The scent is pleasantly intense if you smell your nails from up close, but not noticeable from further away, which is a good thing since the smell of scented products can be disturbing sometimes.

A few cons: Raspberry Rush is pretty sheer and the drying time a bit longer then I'd like it to be. Although there's still VNL after three coats of polish, I can live with that because it's just very subtle and the formula is great. So despite its downsides, Raspberry Rush is still a winner in my opinion, because of the beautiful color and the nice formula. Did you buy anything from the Wicked Sweet collection?

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  1. This color is beautiful!!

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