Trust In Fasion with Untamed Luxery

Hey everyone! Today I'm wearing one coat of Color Club's Untamed Luxery on top of two coats Essence Trust In Fashion. I'm a huge lover of teal and glitter, so you can imagine how I feel about this combo... I must've had Untamed Luxery in my (online) shopping cart about three times before I finally decided to buy it, why?! It's so pretty! So I'll just stop babbling and let the pictures do the rest. See ya :)

Color Club - Untamed Luxery
'Don't you just LOVE me?!'


  1. Gorgeous color, I love the sparkling (:

  2. Wow, this color is really gorgeous! I'm curious how it'd look next to CG - Atlantis.

  3. ^^ I also think this looks like a more opaque version of Atlantis. Its really pretty!

  4. is untamed lux really sheer on its own?

  5. Thanks for the comments y'all! :)

    @TheNailAddict: Yes! I've put them on a colourwheel, but haven't made pictures yet.. You'll see when they appear, haha :D

    @nicknacksnails: They absolutely have something similar, but not so much that you shouldn't own both (like I do) Haha :P

    @SarahLouise1986: Hey! It's so pretty! But it looks blue on your screen? In real life it's more teal ;-)

    @LisaInFL: Yes, a bit. After three coats you still have VNL :(