Designs for Queen's day

Hi everybody, tomorrow it's Queen's day in the Netherlands. Queen's day is our national holiday when we celebrate the birthday of the Queen. This day is known for its free market, everybody is allowed to sell things on the streets, so it's a great day to (try to) get rid of your old crap and go treasure-hunting for someone else's :) Also people dress up in orange, as reference to the royal family (House of Orange-Nassau).

So for the big day I made some appropriate designs for my Dutch readers. On my pinky there's the plain Dutch flag, made with tape. Now some might say it's France's, but that just depends on what angle I'm holding my hands in :) Either way, making this pattern vertically is easier than horizontally, so that's what I did ;-) I started with the white and then placed a tape strip in the middle, after that I used a blue and red creme to complete the flag. As you can see I did the same on my middle- and ringfinger, but those are spiced up with gold accents: leopard print and a crown-shaped tip. The gold I used is 2030 from China Glaze. And people with less patients can do the fun layering-combo of an orange polish, layered with gold glitters. I used H&M Neon Orange and China Glaze Medaillon.
For a simple mani just pick one or two designs as accent nail. Or you go wild using all of them for a skittle mani. And if you're semi-lazy like me, you can go for taped flags on one hand and go full orange on the other.

I hope you like the ideas! I wish I could've posted these earlier but I just didn't have the time to. Anyway, enjoy tomorrow! And to the rest of the folks: I've got some nice layering combinations planned for the next couple of days! So see ya then! :)


  1. Yay, I celebrated Queens day last year! Very fun! I hoped I could do it this year too, but I couldn't take some time off (and if I didn't the travel in the weekend would be waay to expensive).. But I do have an orange top which says 'Ik heb er heel veel kracht voor' haha.

    Have a fun Queens day :)

  2. Oooo, such a unique design! I'm loving it!

  3. Oh very nice! I also did a Queen's Day mani (I posted it on my blog) I wish I'd thought to do the flag sideways like that!